How to become an event organizer

If we did a survey of event organizers to find out about their basic training, the answers would be very varied, such as: sociology (me), music, animation in cultural research and many others. In fact, nothing that is really related to the organization of events. Normal, because the job of organizer began to become more professional in the last decade, following the growing expansion of this area. As a result, training institutions have adjusted to demand in the job market and new courses related to event organization have emerged.

To become an event organizer, there is no specific training. Here are some examples of training that could be relevant:


Cegep of Rivière du Loup / Dawson College / Cégep St-Laurent / Cégep du Vieux-Montréal
– Recreational Intervention Technique, Culture and Tourism (DEC 3 years)

CÉGEP JOHN ABBOTT – Center for Continuing Education 
– Event management program (AEC) Duration: 600 hours


– Bachelor’s degree in Animation and Cultural Research – Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Public Relations – Master’s degree in Project Management: The realization of events

– Bachelor of Leisure, Culture and Tourism
–  DESS and Master of Leisure, Culture and Tourism

– Certificate in Tourism Business Management


– Event Planning (AEC) – Duration: 705 hours divided into 3 evening sessions.

– Events and Congress Coordination (AEC) Duration: 2 years

– Event Management and Congress (AEC) – Duration: 690 hours in 1 year.

– Launch of a company in event organization (ASP) – Duration: 12 weeks – Event organizer specializing in sales consulting (DEP) New Program in partnership with the Marguerite-Bourgeoys school board and recognized by the ( MELS). 

– Organization of an artistic, cultural or corporate event . Duration: 16 months.

– A la carte training for a day

– Certificate in event management.


It is important to remember that there is no specific path to pursue this profession. Above all, it requires great resourcefulness, leadership, creativity, curiosity, energy, listening, and a particularly well-developed sense of organization and celebration. In addition to studies, here are some tips:

1) Volunteer! Every year, I offer students to participate in my Breast Yourself Fundraising Event. Attending an event from morning to evening and seeing it take shape is in my opinion the best course 101 in events.

2) “Happiness is in the network”. I can not repeat it enough, build a network, build relationships and nurture them. This will open doors for you!

3) Do not believe that there is a future only in the corporate domain. There are several opportunities with associations, in the army, in colleges, in hotels, with caterers. There are events everywhere.

As is the case in many areas, it is not easy to break into events. It may take longer than expected to reach your goals, but do not get discouraged, be patient and consider your journey like a marathon. Regarding patience, I suggest this video Gary Vaynerschuk.

In closing, if you want to know if event coordination is for you, here is a little test here.

How to become an event organizer: training, salary and opportunities

Choosing the right career path is becoming more and more complex at the moment. There are indeed more and more different professional sectors, but paradoxically a crisis of the job market and therefore a difficulty to get a job.

Why choose this path?

To get out of the difficulties of looking for a job, the only solution is to choose the right career. An increasingly recommended option is the event organization sector.


  • In a society where playfulness and social occupy a place each day more important, the presence of an organizer events is absolutely necessary. Indeed, everyone wants to invite friends, colleagues or acquaintances to the party or other event as successful as possible, without this however involves too much work, that’s why an organizer is fundamental.
  • Moreover, this sector is extremely vast; once we have acquired a minimum base of skills in the field, it will be very easy to offer its services for the organization of events of all kinds, so it will not be the opportunities that will be missed.

event organizer

How to achieve it?

If you are convinced that you want to choose this sector, you still need to be able to train properly in this area. Even if there is no event training that provides a specific degree to the event sector, there are two major training opportunities that will facilitate access to employment and especially the acquisition of the necessary skills in the field.

University-type training

A first option, strongly recommended if one wishes to obtain the most appropriate diploma possible to work in the event is to opt for a specific training after the baccalaureate. Since a few years, many specialized schools in the field of communication have appeared in the different French regions. To gain access, it will usually be necessary to enter a contest. Training in the field of communication is almost a must to work in the event, whether to become a wedding planner or any other type of event. The duration of the training is about 4 years and will open many doors.

Other types of training

Be aware, however, that it is not always necessary to go through university level training to be able to work in this sector so popular. It is indeed quite possible to follow other shorter courses also equally valid. An excellent option is for example the Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) in the field of tourism, for a period of two years. Other short courses in the field of marketing or sales could also be very useful.

The vocation is the social qualities

Finally, know that even if you follow all possible training and imaginable, to succeed in this area it will not be enough. A totally indispensable element to make the difference and to obtain the hoped success is “to have that in the blood”. Indeed, the event is first and foremost a question of “feeling” and ease to interact with people. Someone who is shy, withdrawn and not very sure of himself should therefore opt for a different career path, even if he has brilliantly completed his studies in the field of communication …

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